Apple – What’s in Store for 2012 and Beyond?

Posted on 24. Oct, 2011 by in iPhone 4S Blog

Any middle aged person right now, including our moms and dads would think that, with the advent of the iPhone, iPad and other gizmos, technology has already reached its peak. Everything is now mobile, manipulated at the touch of the fingertips, and almost all gadgets are competing to be the thinnest of them all. But then, for most tech-inclined people and the younger generation per se, these inventions are just the dawn of a new age, the beginning of an odyssey and battle between tech manufacturers and mobile moguls.

Back when we were kids, more or less twenty years ago, the only things that can bring smile to our faces are Nintendo family computers and simple gadgets. And right now, we can’t even consider them as gadgets anymore. As sure as the sun rises in the east, Apple is already working underway and conceptualizing for their next big thing. It can be remembered that the last time Apple released a brand new concept, in the form of the iPad, was April 2010 and it was followed up with the iPad 2 almost a year after the iPad 1 was released.

2012 is another year which many tech and gadgets analysts are looking forward to as Apple may just release a new gadget following the release of the iPhone 5, 4S, 4GS or what-have-you.

Apple to Dominate the Living Room

Apple is all about efficiency, speed and convenience. But more than that – Apple makes sure that consumers will feel neither frustrated nor disappointed with their products, visually. Where else could be a more perfect target for Apple than the living room? Some call it AppleVision – a staggering 65 inch display capable of sporting more than one billion colors. The hardware specs alone are something one would die for. But wait ’til you see what it’s capable of. Microphone and camera combo will allow FaceTime calls, and the swipe or air gesture interface which will give you Tom Cruise’s “Minority Reports” experience.

Apple to Join the 3D Bandwagon

There’s no denying that the 3D craze is on. But 3D is not only meant to be contained inside the cinemas – not until Apple ceases to exist. An ultra-thin iPad will be released allegedly sometime in 2013. It’s 3D without the burdensome 3D glasses.

Making use of the parallax technology, the iPad 3D will make use of relatively the same technology that will be used in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. And knowing Apple, an expert in tweaking and improvising technologies, the iPad 3D is expected to develop a more mature version of this parallax technology. Also, the slide to unlock security is expected to bid farewell with a biometric security reader.

Lose the Macbook Cords

Apple is focused in providing a greener and environmentally safe world of gadgets and one of their future endeavors is making a Macbook which will not utilize cords – simply put, a laptop without the use of electricity. This laptop is expected to be coated with solar cells, piezoelectric power and wireless electricity.

Much is expected in the years to come but Apple remains vigilant and wary about divulging these information to the public. Nevertheless, their tactics always work and they never fail to leave us in awe.