Choosing Your iPhone 4S Case

Posted on 16. Sep, 2011 by in iPhone 4S Blog

It is a purely an individual preference whether or not to wrap your iPhone with a case. Because of its sturdy make—an iPhone will survive without any armor around it. Many people choose not to make use of any case, soft or hard, because apparently, it diminishes the sleek and slim design of the phone, thereby defeating the entire purpose of sporting an iPhone. However, majority of the iPhone users come into a realization that indeed, it is always best to give this pricey possession some form of breastplate. Definitely, no one wants to see his or her valued smart phone with dented, scratched and blemished exteriors.

Hard Case versus Soft Case

As earlier mentioned, an iPhone case is a purely personal choice and it greatly depends on how one uses his or her phone. Basically, there are two general types of cases—the hard type and the soft type. Hard cases include heavy duty shells made of thick plastic or other hard materials while soft cases may include silicon covers, or thin plastic shells.

A hard iPhone user should most likely aim at protecting the iPhone from real damage, such as those acquired with accidental drops, sitting with your iPhone on your rear pockets, etc, while light iPhone users should target protection from cosmetic damages like hairline scratches, minor dents, and the like.

Other Points to Ponder

It is also important to consider the convenience of using these cases such as placing your iPhone in charging or speaker docks, etc. Surely, there are iPhone cases which may be unfriendly towards docks and other iPhone accessories so it is best to ascertain its use with other peripherals.

Similarly, testing the efficiency of buttons, especially the home button and volume controls is important. There are some cases which impede the proper use of these buttons so be wary about testing these cases with your iPhone and getting the feel of its features.

Specialized cases are also available like those which you can snap on your belt line, giving you an easy access to your iPhone without getting it from your pockets or jacket flaps. Some cases also include slots where you can place your IDs, credit cards and the like.