If your iPhone 4S has just arrived right at your doorstep, you would definitely want to show it off to all of your friends. Being the latest iteration of the smart phone that changed the way people use their mobile phones, the iPhone 4S has already sold more than a million units since its release. But as much as you want your iPhone to catch others attention, there is definitely a need to get a good cover case – something that will give your iPhone some form of protection but not too bulky so as to defeat its slim and sleek appearance.

What is the iPhone 4S case made of?

The Barely There Brushed Aluminum case is made of aircraft grade aluminum material which gives it a durable but classy appearance, nonetheless. It also fits into all four corners of the iPhone 4S body which makes it appear as if it is barely there! Surrounding the iPhone in a hard shell which is very minimal in appearance, thus it does not steal the attention from your iPhone.

Other features of the aluminum cover case

The Barely There Brushed Aluminum case for iPhone 4S is available in black and silver. All ports, jacks and buttons are also specifically designed to save the user from taking out the phone from the cover each time he or she charges the phone, listen to music, take photos, etc. This aluminum iPhone 4S case also fits iPhones from all carriers, around the globe.

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