Chrome iPhone 4S Case with Mirror Screen ProtectorChrome Case with Mirror Screen Protector for iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S you’ve just bought is a gem and is worth protecting every single moment. Protection, however doesn’t mean wrapping your iPhone up with heavy duty materials to keep it safe and sound. Here’s a case which could provide you style, classiness and defense in a very minimal fashion.

The Chrome iPhone 4S case with Mirror Screen Protector is akin to the Barely There case – only it is tastefully metallic and sleek to the sight. The Mirror Screen Protector adds another beat to your newly purchased one-piece armor. This is a great addition most especially to the image-conscious people. By simply turning your screen off, you can check up on how you look, do some touch ups here and there, and go right on!

Quick access mirror surfaces, slim case and snap on design, and a strong and sturdy protection without affecting important iPhone 4S ports and buttons. What more can you ask for? The iPhone 4S and the Chrome case with Mirror Screen Protector tandem is much like Holmes and Watson – a perfect duo!

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