Horizontal Hipster iPhone 4S CaseHorizontal Hipster Case for iPhone 4S

Your iPhone 4S is as fatal as a gun so better put it in a holster! But holsters need not be leathery and thick to protect your valuable iPhone 4S – it can be as hip and stylish as you can imagine! If this is how you want to strut your stuff then the Horizontal Hipster case is what suits you best.

Eliminate the high chances of dropping your much-loved iPhone 4S and losing it right then and there. The Horizontal Hipster case provides a safe sanctuary for your iPhone in a trendy sense while keeping an easy access to it with its expedient design. By simply detaching the flap from the body, you can easily pick your phone up with an upward snap of a finger without too much hassle.

The slim and snug-on plastic shell keeps the iPhone secure inside the case and further protects it using an Apple approved magnetic flap. The holster is made of black faux leather and the interior is lime-green in color giving it a much hipper sense. It is also topped up with an iPhone 4S screen protector and is attuned with Barely There and ID Credit Card cases.

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