iPhone 4S Rumors – What’s Up with the 4S?

Posted on 14. Sep, 2011 by in iPhone 4S Blog

It was reported last July that an Apple engineer lost a prototype of the iPhone 5—nobody knows if this is authentic or is just one of Apple’s hype-stratagem. If we will look back at the time that the iPhone 4 was set for release, the same thing also happened. Apple has been reportedly trying its best to recover the stolen handset but to no avail. But then despite the amount of truth behind this “stolen” iPhone 5—one thing is for sure, iPhone 5 is on its way to the nearest Apple stores.

iPhone 5 Hardware

Many people are talking about a possibly wider display of the iPhone 5. The design of the new iPhone is also allegedly tinier than the previous iterations. Several iPhone cases have been scattered in the internet showing off skinnier, shorter and wider designs. Third party analysts have also put their bet on an iPhone with a bigger-than-expected four inches display. Whatever the case may be, the new iPhone is sort of “reinvented” compared to the previous models and look.

iPhone 4S?

There are also isolated rumors about an iPhone-3Gs-type redesign of the iPhone from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S is rumored to be a more budget friendly 8GB capacity iPhone 4. This rumor has also been supported by leaked images of the design and model numbers which are numerous enough to be considered hoax.

When’s the Big Day?

According to leaked pre-order documents from different retailers, pre-orders may start as early as this week. The documents also point out to an official launch this first week of October. So whether the soon-to-be released version of the iPhone will be called iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, it all depends on the call of Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook.

Clash of the Telcos

It is also reported that Sprint has closed a deal with Apple to sell the next Apple brainchild with unlimited data plans. This may be Sprint’s biggest break ever—coming off as the third biggest wireless carrier in the US, after AT&T and Verizon. This crucial step may lead Sprint to sway many AT&T and Verizon users to jump at the other side of the fence.