iPhone 4S Sets Battle for the Carriers

Posted on 26. Sep, 2011 by in iPhone 4S Blog

For the earlier versions of the groundbreaking and record-setting iPhone, AT&T has kept close ties with Apple and has exclusively distributed the said device in the US. If we can remember, last February 2011, AT&T’s contract with Apple has already expired which gave way for the second biggest network carrier, Verizon, to distribute the much coveted gadget, too. But last August, in the report of the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that the third largest wireless carrier Sprint will also join the iPhone distributor bandwagon, giving Apple the chance to potentially eat up the entire smart phone competition.

Sprint, the third leading telco in the US boasts more than fifty million customers. This crucial step that Apple and Sprint has made will further strengthen Apple’s campaign to be the number one smart phone manufacturer in the world. For Sprint, this will also be a positive step towards gaining more subscribers, considering the magnetic appeal of Apple’s bestselling smart phone.

Sprint’s Advantage in the Future iPhone 5 Market

One potentially advantageous service that Sprint can boast is its unlimited data plans—which neither AT&T nor Verizon offer to subscribers as of this moment. And since an iPhone is a tool used mostly with data plans, this will surely be a marketable feat for Sprint. More iPhone users and wannabe iPhone owners will tend to utilize Sprint’s services. Currently, AT&T and Verizon offer tiered data plans which poses bandwidth limitations per user depending on the plan availed.

One Last iPhone Surprise

Many circulating rumors point out to a possible release of a cheaper iPhone 4 version, alongside the release of the iPhone 5. The alleged handset may be coined as the iPhone 4S, following the iPhone 3G to 3GS makeover. The alleged version is rumored for release on the last week of September and it is still unclear whether this more affordable iPhone will be retailed by Sprint, or only by the original retailers like AT&T and Verizon.

Like for any other issues and rumors circulating in the news – Apple remains enigmatic and keeps all the details of the iPhone 5 in strict confidence.