The Cryptic iPhone 4S

Posted on 02. Oct, 2011 by in iPhone 4S Blog

Apple is really at its best in accomplishing two things – first, innovating people’s mobile living, and second, keeping information confidential. Since the release of the iPhone last June 29, 2007, the smart phone market has been ruling the industry without fail. For the past four years, iPhone has released four iterations of the said device – the original iPhone (2G), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. And as of the moment, millions of people everywhere have been anticipating and looking forward to the fourth of October, the date which has been set for Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, to announce the groundbreaking fifth iteration.

What to Expect on October 4?

Apple has sent cryptic invitations to a select few – and this invitation alone has incited a dozen or so of rumors about the new device. In the cryptic invitation, four images are displayed – with each image signifying a pertinent information about the launch date.

The upper left icon which represents a calendar with the number “4″ and the day Tuesday, means that the event will take place of Tuesday, October 4th – and there is no doubt about it. The upper right icon signifying a clock arranged at the ten o’clock position indicates that the event will take place at ten o’clock. The lower left icon, indicating a map icon with the Interstate 280 logo definitely refers to the venue of the event – San Francisco, California. But what makes the invitation all the more cryptic is the image on the lower right corner – the dialer icon with a number “1″ on the corner. Many analysts consider this an answer to the question as to how many iPhones will be announced on the said event, while some hold on to the belief that there will be an additional iPhone to be announced during the event.

Most Likely, the New iPhone Will Have…

The number of rumors circulating about the new iPhone is insurmountable – slide-out keyboard, no home button, and other crazy stuffs. Though these are nevertheless great concepts – such ideas are not Apple-ish. And iPhones are less likely to fashion those ideas, not in the near future. However, there are credible rumors which have been slowly convincing the public.

It is not impossible that the upcoming iPhone will boast the same processor as that of the iPad 2, the A5 processor. Some people speculate a possible A6 processor, a chip which will provide more abilities for the iPhone without consuming too much power and heat. However, A6 rumors have been shut down due to the alleged production of the A6 chip in Taiwan which has just recently started.

iPhone 4’s camera was also a giant leap from its predecessors. The 5 mega pixel camera sensor was a cut above the rest since it provided clearer and more hi-res images, as well as HD capability. But Apple designers, as competitive and innovative as they are, will most likely integrate an 8 megapixel camera. Antennae issues with the iPhone 4 is definitely an accomplished agendum, and last but not the least, a possibility of carrying 4G LTE capability.