Which iPhone 4S Case Fits Your Taste?

Posted on 29. Sep, 2011 by in iPhone 4S Blog

With the upcoming release of the iPhone 5, there is no doubt that makers of iPhone 4S cases are already itching to get their hands on this fifth generation Apple phone. iPhone case manufacturers like Belkin, Capdase, Speck and the like will definitely put their money to have an edge in the looming competition for iPhone 5 cases. But no matter how tight or diverse the competition may be, iPhone cases are generally alike and are made up of three distinct materials: leather, silicone and plastic. Here is a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each material.

iPhone Leather Case

Leather cases usually come in the form of pouches—which means that the iPhone only gets protection while it is inside the pouch. A leather case is okay for users who barely keep their phones handheld and have it inside their bags or pouch most of the time.

A leather case is a good form of protection for the iPhone as it really protects the device in all its faces. However, the drawback of using a leather case is that you may need to take the phone out of the pouch to use it. Leather cases may also tend to become loose due to use and may increase the risks of dropping your phone.

iPhone Plastic Case

iPhone cases made of plastic are the most popular because these cases fashion the widest variety of designs. Plastic cases are the crowd favorites because it can be molded into thin, but sturdy cases, making iPhones appear as if there is no casing at all.

The drawback of using plastic cases is that they offer less protection from breaks and cracks. Other parts of plastic cases may also break off especially when taking out and fitting your iPhone.

iPhone Silicon Case

If we’re speaking of shock protection, silicon cases are the cases to beat. Unlike plastic cases, these provide more protection in incidences when you drop your phone and these cases are less likely to scratch the surface of your phone. Silicon cases also provide you a good grip and hold because of its rubbery texture.

The bad side about these silicon cases is that they tend to get loose over time due to excessive use and usual wear and tear.

Choosing an iPhone case is not only exclusive as to how your phone would appear—more than anything else, it should include the convenience and comfort of using your iPhone.