Why Apple Has to Release the iPhone 4S Now?

Posted on 01. Oct, 2011 by in iPhone 4S Blog

To say that the upcoming iPhone release is becoming a fad, is an understatement. There is not enough words to describe how the tech community has been responding over the upcoming release of the iPhone’s fifth iteration. With a few days to go before the actual announcement will be made by Tim Cook, which is apparently, his first of many future announcements, many iPhone followers and fans have already been scouring the internet for possible leaks of the iPhone specs and design. It is also worthy to take note that the name of the device hasn’t been announced yet.

Apple values timing so much and this has led to the success of many of their products. The iPhone’s previous versions, the iPad and the iPad 2 – Apple is quite wary about the manner they release their products to the market. They want it to be perfect and they want it to boom in one shot. Here are a few more reasons why this is the perfect time for an iPhone 5 release:

Holiday Season is Just Around the Corner

October is about to start and this is the time when people are starting to save up for the holiday seasons. Thanksgiving is a few weeks ahead and Black Friday will surely be a good time to spend one’s savings for an iPhone. An iPhone 5 would be a great gift to yourself as a prize for a job well done at work or at school. Likewise, your partner will love the idea of having this powerful smart phone, too and keep up with the techie trend. Surely, Apple will find satisfaction and be elated to see the iPhone 5 on top of every person’s Holiday list.

iPhone 4 Antennae Issues are Still Haunting People

Everyone is quite aware of the reception issues of the iPhone 4’s antennae. And this actually gave rise to Apple’s release of free cases which are intended to improve the reception of the phone. Surely, this reception defect made Steve Jobs feel furious and “dumb” for having overlooked this important aspect of his brainchild… but still and all, iPhone 4 proved to be a big hit. With the release of the iPhone 5, Apple can surely save its face from the previous gaffe it has been through.

Tough Competition in the Smart Phone Market

The smart phone market is indeed steaming hot as more and more mobile manufacturers emerge and join the bandwagon. Motorola, a close competitor of iPhone which is responsible for Android smart phone monsters is set to release more powerful handsets. Apple’s lawsuits with HTC and Samsung is also worthy to take note of and surely, Apple will do every possible step to maintain its market stronghold. Furthermore, Apple needs to step up and improve their specs, especially the camera and the LTE capability as 4G capable phones are monopolized by only a few phone manufacturers.

These are just a few reasons why it is really timely for Apple to release the new iPhone version – be it iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or iPhone 4G, it will definitely get you iExcited.