Will Tim “Cook” the Same Tasty Apple?

Posted on 20. Sep, 2011 by in iPhone 4S Blog

Many speculations were drawn by the media and the general public with Steve Jobs’ resignation from his post as CEO of Apple. Tim Cook, who has served Apple for thirteen years and who also served as the Chief Operating Officer of Apple, has been named the new CEO. But Jobs’ resignation is not a sign of Apple’s demise—in fact, Apple is still set to bring awe and amazement to the public with the upcoming release of the iPhone 4S, iPad 3 and the iOS 5 in the coming months.

Reason for Jobs’ Resignation

Known to many, Steve Jobs has filed for leave last January due to his medical condition. And just last August 24, Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple due to his declining health. Many health experts believe that Jobs is suffering from a rare type of islet cell carcinoma, and this cancer might have exacerbated.
While Jobs has resigned, he was also elected as Chairman of the Board and will still continue to share his innovative expertise and creative juices to further Apple’s performance in the industry.

Challenges for Tim Cook

Tim Cook was a silent hero behind the success of the Apple in the past years. He is the head of the Operations division and is responsible for supply chains all over the globe. Many analysts say that while Cook is very talented, he just doesn’t have the innovative spirit which helped Jobs leave an imprint to every single Apple product.

However, although this character is a bit lacking in Cooks’ leadership, Cook has the benefit of inheriting a huge number of qualified staff, marketing leaders and talented engineers who will most likely help him be at par with Jobs during his iron-fist reign in Apple.

Experts also said that decision making is a very unique characteristic which Apple owe to Jobs. Jobs has been known for his “my way is the only way” decision making approach, according to James Post, a professor at the Boston University School of Management.

In closing, it is said that although Tim Cook may not have inherited the manners which Jobs have been known for, Apple will continue to reign with its excellent marketing and industrial team, and its strong product line.